Combining top 1500 elements we produced a machine for which we know, and so will You when you see it working, is the best on the market.

Uniquness of our products is protected in the intelectual property department in Croatia and WIPO (World Intelectual Property Organization) in Geneva.

Every moment we are working on many innovations, having in mind staying on the top and producing an extraordinary machine crafted in 5 different designs. We are proud of the brands that we are using, especially their models because even though other car wash manufacturers are using the same brands, they are putting weaker models.

Higlighting the most famous: CAT high pressure pumps (Japan), GRUNDFOS low pressure pumps (Germany), DANFOSS solenoid valves (Germany), SIEMENS PLC and touch screen panels (Germany), SCHNEIDER PLC and touch screen panels (Germany), SCHNEIDER fuses and motor protection (Germany), MOSMATIC cealing boom and pressure gun holders (Switzerland), ROTEX tanks with brass exits (Germany), ACV water heaters (Belgium), R+M Suttner prassure guns and pressure regulators, KONČAR electric motors (Croatia), DALEKOVOD hot galvanization (Croatia), LIM MONT panels and ceiling (Croatia).

We are leaving the original labels on all o the components because we are not ashamed of the spare parts prices. This way we are showing You respect because the prices are easily checked on.