About us

When somebody asks the question; ''What's the most important thing in your life'', most of the people answers family. That's something we strive towards and what we are trying to achieve; one big family which is working TOGETHER towards future success, happily receiving constructive advice.

Adriateh is a family company which is by listening to customers demands and needs building respect and trust with investitors and customers. We maintain presentations and conferences where we are presentating inovations, recieving and giving advice and working on a more intimate relationship than the usual ''manufacturer - buyer''. We are encouraging conversations, wanting to hear what people are satisfied with and what bothers them so we can fix the problems. That's what seperates us from others - besides the high quality machines we are very proud of, You are entering a community full of positive people who support each other.

On the other hand, we are tirelessly working on innovations. Besides innovative designs, we are the first in the world in many things, things that only owners of our car washes can have (for example, Ready 2 Wash system, SMS payment, underfloor car washing...). ''The one that stops growing, starts falling''.